Doctor Zhivago Quotes

Komarovski: [speaking to Lara of Pasha] He's a very fine young man. That's obvious.

Movie: Doctor Zhivago
Lara: Listen, you could turn around, walk down the stairs, and go home.
Yuri: No, I can't.
Lara: No, I don't want you to.

TV Show: Doctor Zhivago
Liberius: Comrade Doctor, I need a medical officer.
Zhivago: I'm sorry, I have a wife and child in Varykino.
Razin, Liberius' Lieutenant: ...and a mistress in Yuriatin.
Liberius: [laughs] Comrade Medical Officer, we are Red partisans, and we SHOOT deserters!

Movie: Doctor Zhivago
Pasha: The private life is dead - for a man with any manhood.
Zhivago: I saw some of your 'manhood' on the way at a place called Mink.
Pasha: They were selling horses to the Whites.
Zhivago: It seems you've burnt the wrong village.
Pasha: They always say that, and what does it matter? A village betrays us, a village is burned. The point's made.
Zhivago: Your point - their village.

Movie: Doctor Zhivago
Unknown: The doctor's a gentleman.
The Bolshevik: Right! It's written all over him.
Unknown: He's a good man.
The Bolshevik: God rot good men. [Lara silently stares in loathing at The Bolshevik]

Movie: Doctor Zhivago
Yuri [to Lara]: I wish, I wish I could live two lives. My own, and to see you well and happy. To know you weren't in need of anything. I'm sure you'll find someone you could be happy with. Of course I'd want to knock his teeth out.

Movie: Doctor Zhivago
Yuri [to Professor]: I'll be a doctor for others, and a poet for myself.

TV Show: Doctor Zhivago
Zhivago: What happens to a girl like that, when a man like you is finished with her?
Komarovski: You interested?
Zhivago: You shouldn't smoke. You've had a shock. [he pulls the cigar from Viktor's mouth, tosses it into the toilet]
Komarovski: I give her to you, Yuri Andreevich. Wedding present.

Movie: Doctor Zhivago