The Omen Quotes

Robert Thorn: [ignoring Brennan's warnings about Damien] ... Now, I've heard you. I want you to hear me: I *never* want to see you again.
Father Brennan: ...You'll see me in *hell*, Mr. Thorn. There, we will share out our centuries.

Movie: The Omen
Robert Thorn: I never want to see or hear from you again.
Father Brennan: You'll see me in hell Mr. Thorn.
Father Brennan: We'll spend eternity together.

Movie: The Omen
Robert Thorn: What do you know about my son?
Father Brennan: Everything.
Robert Thorn: And what is that?
Father Brennan: I saw its mother.
Robert Thorn: You saw my wife.
Father Brennan: I saw its mother.
Robert Thorn: You are referring to my wife!
Father Brennan: Its *mother*, Mr. Thorn!
Robert Thorn: If this is blackmail, come and say it! What is it your're trying to say?
Father Brennan: Its mother was a... [Father Brennan is interrupted as the door behind him bursts open violently]
Marine: Everything all right, sir?
American secretary: You sounded strange. The door was locked.

Movie: The Omen
[first title card]
Title card: Rome / June 6th - 6 AM

Movie: The Omen
[first lines]
Father Spiletto: [voiceover] The child is dead. He breathed for a moment. Then he breathed no more. The child is dead. Dead. The child is dead.

Movie: The Omen
[last lines]
Secret Service Man: Excuse me, Mr. President. When you're ready to leave, your car's right over there.
President: In a moment.
Secret Service Man: Yes, sir.

Movie: The Omen