Sky Quotes

Homer: You know, it, uh, won't fly unless somebody pushes the button. It's yours, if you want it.

Movie: Sky
Kaput: [the two just escaped from a planet of disgruntled donkeys] So were they dumb, or what?
Zösky: Well, Kaput, there are two different kinds of dumb people; there are those who are dumb and know it, and then there are those who are dumb and don't know it.
Kaput: But we're not dumb, are we?
Zösky: Oh, you and me? No, we're not dumb!
Kaput: Oh, yeah. Ha, ha, ha, ha! [he waits for a while and then asks]
Kaput: But you still haven't what color what's-his-name's white horse was.

Movie: Sky
Kanzaki: I'll go to the gate.
Kishi: Huh?
Kanzaki: It's the only way I can stop Kudo...
Kamiina: Yes. Is that your choice?
Unknown: What are you talking about? Are you both crazy?
Kanzaki: Crazy as it may be... if it's the only way to save Mina, then I'll go.
Kamiina: [hands Kanzaki a gun] Take this.
Kanzaki: [Kanzaki takes the gun, and looks at Kishi] Shoot me.
Unknown: [Kishi hesitantly raises his gun to Kanzaki] Don't! Death is the end of everything! Kishi! DON'T!
Kishi: [lowers gun] I can't do it!
Kanzaki: Kishi... [Kanzaki faintly smiles, while he and Kishi exchange looks, then Kishi raises his gun, and shoots Kanzaki]
Unknown: NO!

Movie: Sky
Zösky: If you ask me, Kput, good manners are so highly overrated.
Kaput: Tell me about it. [burps]
Kaput: Sorry, I have trouble digesting vegetables.

Movie: Sky
[last lines] [instead of taking a picture of the pods falling to Earth, Polly turns and snaps a shot of Joe]
Joe 'Sky Captain' Sullivan: Polly... you...
Polly Perkins: It's all right. You don't have to say anything.
Joe 'Sky Captain' Sullivan: Lens cap.

Movie: Sky
[posted on a gas pump in evacuated desert area]
sign: To anyone crazy enough to be standing here reading this: help yourself!

Movie: Sky
Romy: [minding her own business in an empty bar]Are you looking at me?
Night Biker: Is there anything else to look at?

Movie: Sky
Diego: You've gotta get rid of it, rabbit.
Romy: I'm not afraid to have this child.
Diego: Actually, yeah, let's keep it. It might be nice. Have a little baby with an eyeball in the middle of his forehead. Maybe a baby born with no arms. Maybe he'll be born with leukemia, a nice little cancer his dad gave him. Someone he's never ever gonna meet!

Movie: Sky
Grandma Sioux: [consoling Romy]I will be here for you. We'll do this together. It's going to be okay. That's why we gave you that name of Sky. Mochpia. You are always changing. The sky is always changing.

Movie: Sky
Romy: Those shoes look like they would hurt a lot.
Charlene: [adjusting her high heels]Yeah, they do. I think you're only supposed to wear them in bed - if you know what I mean.

Movie: Sky
Romy: You got lots of horses?
Diego: Somebody told me once, you shouldn't have more horses than you have asses, and I only have one ass. But, no, I don't have any horses.

Movie: Sky
Missy: You can stay as long as you like.
Romy: Are you sure it's no problem?
Missy: If you don't treat us like Indians can see in the dark, speak to Damselflies, and make their life choices based on the shape of the clouds, we should be fine.

Movie: Sky