The Mighty Quotes

Howard Moon: Women would swoon when Tommy shuffled into a room. It was a different aesthetic then. Only a fashionable androgeny in Tommy's day. He was a man's man. I mean, look at you, [Vince Noir]
Howard Moon: feather cut, the pointy features. Put you in the '50s, you'd be imprisoned for being a witch. They'd lock you in a trunk!

Movie: The Mighty
Lewis: Rink's gotta be around here someplace.
Gordon Bombay: Just look for a sign that says 'Personal Hell'. [under his breath]
Gordon Bombay: How can he do this to me? I hate kids. They're barely human.

Movie: The Mighty
Oh No: Now that we're in the Sargasso, I sure hope you have some idea how to get out again, Rob.
Robert Simmons: Not yet, Oh No, but I'll think of something.
Narrator: Better think quick, Rob, because soon you're going to have so much on your hands, you won't have time to think!

Movie: The Mighty
Spider Dijon: Rudy, you ought to get that door in your head checked out. It's letting in all sorts of mambo jimbo.

Movie: The Mighty