Ballykissangel Quotes

Brian Quigley: Calm down, count to ten, let me explain.
Niamh Quigley: One... ten!

Movie: Ballykissangel
[first lines]
Paul Dooley: Right. We budgeted for a hundred people.
Brian Quigley: Yes, well, some people just can't make it.
Paul Dooley: What about my profit margin?
Brian Quigley: The price you charge, you're doing all right.
Paul Dooley: Just enough to cover the rent.
Brian Quigley: Look, you're being paid to do the catering; I'm the customer; the customer's always right.
Paul Dooley: Ho, jeez.
Brian Quigley: Except I'm not just the customer, am I?
Paul Dooley: Now, how could I forget that?
Brian Quigley: Right, I'll see you later.

Movie: Ballykissangel
[first lines]
Padraig: Would you look at that? [goes back into the pub to get Niamh]
Padraig: You have to see this. Look at that. [they watch a tethered balloon with a banner including Quigley's picture being launched]
Brendan: I think he has an inflated idea of himself.
Padraig: That would not be anything new.
Siobhan: Just so long as he remembers: what goes up must come down.
Father MacAnally: Brian Quigley never misses a trick.
Kathleen: What is he up to now?
Father MacAnally: We'll know soon enough.

Movie: Ballykissangel
[last lines]
Father Peter Clifford: Enda, I didn't get to thank you properly. Are you coming in?
Enda Sullivan: Uh, um, no, they're waiting for me.
Father Peter Clifford: Well, thanks for everything. I owe you one. [Enda leaves]
Father Peter Clifford: *You* missed something great.
Assumpta Fitzgerald: You reckon?

Movie: Ballykissangel
[last lines]
Father Peter Clifford: Is that what you're looking for, Assumpta?
Assumpta Fitzgerald: No. No, no, I don't know what I'm looking for. Anyway, I'm not likely to find it here. Am I?
Father Peter Clifford: You can find it anywhere.
Assumpta Fitzgerald: Do you believe everything you hear?
Father Peter Clifford: Why not? I'm a man of faith, aren't I?

Movie: Ballykissangel
[last lines]
Fr. Mac: I hope you don't think that I was, ah, bullying you this morning.
Quigley: No, not at all.
Fr. Mac: But you really need to spend more time out of the house.
Quigley: I know; I realize that. And there are people who rely on me. Caviar.
Fr. Mac: Caviar. That's very kind of you.
Quigley: Not at all.
Fr. Mac: Carpe diem.
Quigley: Best beluga.

Movie: Ballykissangel