The Hunt Quotes

Samuel: You don't make a deal with the devil, and not expect him to come collect what's due.

Movie: The Hunt
Dean, Lead: At first, I thought you brought me here to kill me
Samuel: Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, got some questions for you first.

Movie: The Hunt
Theo: The world is full of evil but if we hold on to each other, it goes away.

Movie: The Hunt
[subtitled version]Lucas: What are you saying? Have you got something to tell me?
Agnes: Stop it, Lucas.
Lucas: You want to tell me something?
Theo: Relax, Lucas.
Lucas: The whole town is listening. Tell me! What do you want to say?
Agnes: Stop it, you fucking psychopath!
Lucas: I want a word with Theo. Look into my eyes. Look me in the eyes. What do you see? Do you see anything? Nothing. There's nothing. There's nothing. You leave me alone now. You leave me alone now, Theo. Then I'll go. Thank you.

Movie: The Hunt
Marcus: Bunch of bastards! Bunch of fucking bastards!

Movie: The Hunt
Alex: [Concerning poor results in his job]I've been off my game.
Alex's boss.: You've been off you're game for a while now. You could at least come up with something half believable! What are you working on now?
Alex: On the dog-fucking coed.
Alex's boss.: Forget it!
Alex: Why?
Alex's boss.: Just forget it, they made that movie 30 years ago!
Alex: Really, what was it, a porno?
Alex's boss.: Some Italian B-movie called Animalita.

Movie: The Hunt