A Royal Affair Quotes

Johann Friedrich Struensee: Your majesty.
Caroline Mathilde: You recognized me.
Johann Friedrich Struensee: I would recognize you blindfolded.
Caroline Mathilde: But your costume is not very imaginative.
Johann Friedrich Struensee: I'm afraid I'm not very good at the masquerade.
Caroline Mathilde: I believe this is the one night when everyone can be themselves. [pause]
Caroline Mathilde: But you never remove your mask. Do you?

Movie: A Royal Affair
Johann Friedrich Struensee: Do you remember our first night together?
Caroline Mathilde: It feels like we've been unhappy ever since.
Johann Friedrich Struensee: I have been happy.
Caroline Mathilde: Come to me tonight?

Movie: A Royal Affair
Title Card: Europe at the close of the 18th century. The nobility rules by oppression, supported by strong religious forces. But the winds of change are blowing... Across the continent intellectuals and freethinkers demand reforms and freedom for the people. It is the age of the Enlightenment.

Movie: A Royal Affair
[first lines]Caroline Mathilde: [writing a letter]I'm trying to remember him. Johann. I have to tell you about him. About us. Why we did the things we did.
Caroline Mathilde: My beloved children, you do not know me, but I am your mother. Perhaps you have never forgiven me. Perhaps you hate me. I hope not. I now know that I will never see you again, so I am writing to tell you the truth, before it's too late.

Movie: A Royal Affair
[last lines]Caroline Mathilde: [in her letters]As I am sure you have already seen with your own eyes, Denmark has regressed to the Middle Ages since Johann died. While the rest of Europe blossoms, your country has become a dark place controlled by faith and suspicion. My dear children, if I could only see you now. Who have you become? Frederik, did you inherit Christian's temper? Louise, do you have Johann's eyes?
Louise von Plessen: [presenting the letters]Your Royal Highnesses, I am so glad you came.
Louise Augusta - 12 yrs: [reading aloud]My beloved children, you do not know me, but I am your mother. I do not know what you think of me. Perhaps you hate me.
Caroline Mathilde: Frederik. Louise Augusta. You are Denmark's best hope for a brighter future. I know you will make me proud. I love you so very much. Your mother, Caroline Mathilde.

Movie: A Royal Affair
Johann Friedrich Struensee: [about vaccine]If it goes well, and I'm confident that it will, he will be immune.
Ove H°egh-Guldberg: The Crown Prince is the heir to the Danish throne! He's protected by God!
Johann Friedrich Struensee: A smallpox epidemic is not picky. It kills both kings and queens. As you very well know.

Movie: A Royal Affair
Johann Friedrich Struensee: [to Struensee]I spend all my time trying to navigate all your new laws. You have ideas as the same rate that the rest of us change clothes.

Movie: A Royal Affair