A Coffee in Berlin Quotes

Niko Fischer: Do you know what it's like... to have the feeling that all the people around you are honestly kind of weird? But when you think it over, then it becomes clear that the problem is with yourself.

Movie: A Coffee in Berlin
Julika Hoffmann: [to a thug]what kinda guy are you? Let me guess. You were born an alcoholic because your mom couldn't stay off the booze during her pregnancy. How could she, when she got beaten up by daddy when he came home from the pub?

Movie: A Coffee in Berlin
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: So, what it'll be?
Niko Fischer: Coffee, please.
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: To go, right? [pause]
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: What kind?
Niko Fischer: Just normal coffee.
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: Wanna try something new? Today's special is the Marocchino. For 2 Euros extra, you get a doughnut or a seed roll, all homemade and organic.
Niko Fischer: I think I'll stick with the coffee.
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: Sure, we've got two kinds: the Arabica and the Columbia Morning.
Niko Fischer: Which coffee tastes most like a regular coffee?
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: I like both.
Niko Fischer: I'll take the Columbia.
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: The Columbia, then. [pause]
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: You want milk. We've got soy milk.
Niko Fischer: No, thanks.
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: Okay, then. Three Euros forty, please.
Niko Fischer: Without today's special. Just the coffee.
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: Yes, three forty.
Niko Fischer: Three forty for a regular coffee?
CafÚ-Shop Angestellte: Yeah, that's the Columbia.

Movie: A Coffee in Berlin