Top Cat Quotes

Benny the Ball: I don't think she likes us, T.C...
Top Cat: That was the understatement of the year, Benny. But who cares? It's Chooch I'm worried about!
Fancy-Fancy: Yeah, he probably heard everything!
Brain, Spook: He's nowhere around, T.C.!
Brain, Spook: Yeah, like he may have gone to... [makes a "gun to the head" hand gesture]
Top Cat: Spook! Wash out your mouth with soap!

TV Show: Top Cat
Choo Choo: Gee, I wish I could be tough and hard like T.C. He's got nerves of steel. Nothing upsets him.
Brain, Spook: Yeah, he's one real cool cat, man...
Top Cat: Hey, Benny...
Benny the Ball: Yeah, T.C.?
Top Cat: [weeping softly] You got a hanky I can borrow?
Benny the Ball: Sure, T.C. Here. [to the amazement of the gang, Top Cat wipes his face on the handkerchief]
Top Cat: Well? What's the matter with you guys? Haven't you ever seen anyone with something in his eye before?
Choo Choo: Sure we did, T.C. But not you.

TV Show: Top Cat
Choo Choo: But gosh Top Cat
Top Cat: It's the moment of decision: do we want other moochers movin' in and moochin' in our moochery? No, we must make a stand. And most of all, remember, it's not for us... it's for Tony and all the zebras in Africa.

TV Show: Top Cat
Officer Dibble: Look, I'm me! He ain't me, I am! See?
Top Cat: Get him!

TV Show: Top Cat
Top Cat: You're not actually jumping in the lake, are ya?
Choo Choo: That I am. But before I depart for another world, could you give this letter to... Lola Glamour?
Top Cat: Lola Glamour, the Hollywood siren?
Fancy-Fancy: So that's it! Chooch has another crush going! last time it was Marilyn Maroon!
Top Cat: Yeah, but he had to give her up - she never acknowledged the rubber plant he sent her!

TV Show: Top Cat
[Lola Glamour insults the gang]
Top Cat: The "Lola Glamour" club is now disbanded! Those wishing to join the "Gina lollapalooza" club say Aye!

TV Show: Top Cat
Lou Strickland: Dibble's a clown.
Top Cat: Certainly, he can be foolish.
Lou Strickland: No, seriously, what I do is I rent him out for all kinds of children's parties.

Movie: Top Cat
Maharajah of Pikachu: Please, Shiek Alleycat! I insist you take this Maharajah Talk 5000. You'll find it more valuable.
Top Cat: Why? Can it turn into rubies, too?

Movie: Top Cat
Top Cat: They call me T.C. It's short for Top Cat.
Trixie: Oh, that's very clever. I'm Trixie, which is short for...
Top Cat: [interrupts]The future Mrs. Top Cat?
Trixie: [chuckles]You're funny, too. Too bad I have to go to work and too bad I don't take anyone from the alley.
Top Cat: Oh, I wasn't joking. I think you have stolen my heart. I'm usually the one who does the taking around here.
Trixie: [gasp]Is that why he's so upset?
Top Cat: [pulls out a bag of bird seed, throws it on Griswald, calls out for birds]
Top Cat: Now, where were we? [gasp; finds out Trixie vanishes]

Movie: Top Cat
Officer Dibble: Thanks a lot fellas! Now I'm never going to be chief.
Brain: Uh, Officer Dibble, I didn't know you cooked.
Officer Dibble: Chief, not chef! That is why I've been working overtime. Now I'll never get the job.

Movie: Top Cat