The Rebel Quotes

Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': You remember how Mommy always taught you never to tell a lie?
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: I never have, Daddy.
Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': And Mommy's proud of you for it, but if those Yankees should come in here, you've got to tell a lie.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: You want me to tell a lie?
Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Just this once for Daddy. And in a case like this, it really isn't a lie. If they should ask you, you must tell them that I was here but I left an hour ago and you saw me cross the river. Be brave and do this for me, dear.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Daddy, would General Lee want me to tell that lie?
Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Yes, dear.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: All right, then, I'll tell a whopper!

TV Show: The Rebel
Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Southerners never cry.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: What are these, then?
Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': Raindrops.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: On a sunshiney day?

TV Show: The Rebel
Col. Morrison: You're not leaving without saying goodbye to me, are you?
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Oh no, I was going to kiss you goodbye. And then tomorrow when I come, I'll do all my talking with you.
Col. Morrison: Oh, you switch around, eh?
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Well, Daddy said you tried to help us, so I made you my second daddy.
Col. Morrison: Nothing so nice ever happened to me.
Uncle Billy: We got's to hurry, missy.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Goodbye, Yankee.
Col. Morrison: Goodbye, rebel darling.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Goodbye, Daddy.
Capt. Herbert Cary, aka 'Master Cary': God love you, honey.

TV Show: The Rebel
James Henry: Ain't you a speck afraid, Miss Virgie?
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: No, I'm not! What are you afraid of them for?
James Henry: Oh, Miss Virgie, them Yankees is mighty powerful. They can even change the weather.
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: Really?
James Henry: Whenever they come around, I don't know whether it's winter or summer. I start shivering and sweating at the same time.

TV Show: The Rebel
Virginia 'Virgie' Cary: I know another dance. Would you like to see?
Uncle Billy: Oh, yes, sir, she knows such a lot of dances!

TV Show: The Rebel
[King Invader is reading one of his poems]
King Invader: The brain is missing.
Bored Drunk: It's been missing all night!

TV Show: The Rebel