The Goodbye Girl Quotes

Elliot Garfield: Despite the fact that you're one large pain in the arse last night was the best thing that ever happened to me, girl wise, and if you weren't behaving like such a horses rectum you would know that we could be inside touching and fondling all day long until I've got to go to rehearsal. Personally madam, I think you blew it.

Movie: The Goodbye Girl
Elliot Garfield: If you were a Broadway musical, people would be humming your face.

Movie: The Goodbye Girl
Lucy McFadden: You know what Cynthia Fine said?
Paula McFadden: Who is Cynthia Fine?
Lucy McFadden: The girl in my class with the braces and the big chest. Anyway, Elliot picked me up from school today, and Cynthia says he's got charisma. I looked it up, and he does.
Paula McFadden: All right, cut it out.
Lucy McFadden: Cut what out?
Paula McFadden: Stop trying to make something between us.
Lucy McFadden: Me? Cynthia Fine s...
Paula McFadden: Cynthia Fine, my behind. Stop pushing me.
Lucy McFadden: Who's pushing?
Paula McFadden: You are. Your fingerprints are all over my back. He's OK, all right? Once in a while, he even acts like a regular human being. But stop pushing me, because that man is not my type. [Lucy mutters something under her breath]
Paula McFadden: I heard that. What did you say?
Lucy McFadden: If you heard, why are you asking?
Paula McFadden: [sternly] What did you say?
Lucy McFadden: I said, "your type never hangs around long enough to stay your type".
Paula McFadden: That is a rotten thing to say.
Lucy McFadden: [matter of factly] I know. I just felt like saying it.
Paula McFadden: Jesus. Sometimes I can be so goddamn furious with you. [Paula squirts Lucy with a bottle of cream]
Lucy McFadden: [yelling] That was a stinking thing to do!

Movie: The Goodbye Girl
Paula McFadden: Get that rising young actress the hell out of here.

Movie: The Goodbye Girl
Ronnie Burns: I thought you gave all of this up.
Paula McFadden: I did. I just picked the wrong one to give it up for.

Movie: The Goodbye Girl
[during rehearsal of Richard III]
Elliot Garfield: My careereth is over. I am making a horseth asseth of myselfeth. Mark, I'm begging you. I'm BEGGING you. You want this kind of performance? Let me play Lady Anne.

Movie: The Goodbye Girl