Petes Dragon Quotes

Dr. Terminus: Why do I hear a bell ringing?
Hoagy: School must be out.
Dr. Terminus: It's too early, stupid.

Movie: Petes Dragon
Merle: [the Gogans have returned and want to take Pete away from Nora] Okay lady, we're gonna take him whether you like it or not. Right boys?
Grover: Right, Pa. Willie, you grab onto Pete, while I hold onto her.
Willie: You grab Pete, I wanna hold her.
Grover: I wanna hold her!
Willie: I'm gonna hold her! [Willie and Grover push each other]
Merle: [separates them] Alright, I'll settle this: You two grab the brat, I'LL hold her.
Lena Gogan: If you think you're gonna hold her, like my boys wanna hold her, you're gonna be holdin' your head, ya understand?

Movie: Petes Dragon