The Tomorrow People Quotes

Carol: This is a closed world, no aliens are supposed to come here.
John: My dad's not supposed to park on a double yellow line but he does.

TV Show: The Tomorrow People
John: I wonder if all those people who are desperate to see a close encounter of some kind have ever really thought about what it might mean.
Hsui Tai: What do you mean John?
John: Just think what happened to the African Negro and the American Indian when they came into contact with the Europeans who had more advanced technology. The Blacks were sold into slavery and the Indians almost wiped out.

TV Show: The Tomorrow People
Kevin Wilson: I know her name.
Marmaduke 'Megabyte' Damon: Who?
Kevin Wilson: That girl, the American one in my dreams. Her name's Lisa, Lisa Davis.
Marmaduke 'Megabyte' Damon: Don't know her. Does she go to our school?
Kevin Wilson: No. She doesn't live here. She's somewhere else. In my head, in my dreams.
Marmaduke 'Megabyte' Damon: Ooh, Kev. Dream girl.
Kevin Wilson: She seems so real.

TV Show: The Tomorrow People
Prof. Cawston: Saps, who are they?
Elizabeth 'Liz' M'Bundo: It's a bit insulting, really, it's our way of refering to Homo sapiens. Saps, you know.
Prof. Cawston: Oh, I see. You see yourselves as Homo superior then?
John: Well, I don't know about superior, but we are undoubtedly the next stage of human evolution, after Homo sapiens that is.

TV Show: The Tomorrow People