Skyjacked Quotes

Jerome K. Weber: [Sees the crew trying to get the FBI agent out of the cargo hold] All right, close it up!
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: There's a man down in that hold! We're almost at 39,000 feet, he'll freeze to death!
Jerome K. Weber: You put a Federal bastard on MY aircraft? [Cracks O'Hara in the face]
Jerome K. Weber: Ok, Captain, you want him, go get him! [Cracks O'Hara in the face again]
Jerome K. Weber: That's what you get for doing your duty! It's standard! More?
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: You're not going to touch me again!
Jerome K. Weber: [Points gun at O'Hara] I'll kill you!
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: Not me, not anybody on this airplane. You need me. There's no Moscow unless that man comes up out of there! Nobody dies on my airplane! Not me, not him...
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: [motions to agent]
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: ...not them...
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: [motions to Sam and John]
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: ...not even you, you son of a bitch!

Movie: Skyjacked
[first lines]
John Bimonte: [Hank is doing his walk-around the aircraft] Hey, Hank! Ready to go.
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: Wrong! You got a broken cowling latch here.
John Bimonte: What the hell? I'll get right on it.
Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara: Take all the time you want, John. You got 10 minutes.

Movie: Skyjacked