The Poseidon Adventure Quotes

Badawi: You'll die with me.
Mike Rogo: Not today.

TV Show: The Poseidon Adventure
Linda Rogo: So that's the cat this ship is named after, huh?
Captain Harrison: That's right, Mrs Rogo. The Greek God Poseidon. God of storms, tempests, earthquakes and other miscellaneous natural disasters. Quite an ill-tempered fellow.

Movie: The Poseidon Adventure
Mr. Manny Rosen: I want to stay with her a little longer.
Reverend Frank Scott: You've got one minute.

Movie: The Poseidon Adventure
Mr. Linarcos: Your business is to deliver this ship where we want it! When we want it!
Captain Harrison: Running an unstable ship is dangerous!
Mr. Linarcos: I'm sure!
Captain Harrison: Especially one as old as this!
Mr. Linarcos: I'm sure I don't have to remind you of my legal right to relieve you of command. Three other officers on board have their Masters License. Now, order Full Ahead!

Movie: The Poseidon Adventure
Reverend Frank Scott: I said I was gonna get everybody out of here and goddamit I'm gonna do it!
Linda Rogo: Well, what do you want us to do?

Movie: The Poseidon Adventure
Reverend Frank Scott: Give her your shirt.
Mike Rogo: My shirt?
Linda Rogo: Come on!
Mike Rogo: Linda, next time you put something on, like I told you to put on!

Movie: The Poseidon Adventure
Robin Shelby: Why don't you shove it.
Susan Shelby: Don't you ever say that to me again.
Robin Shelby: Shove it. Shove it. Shove it.

Movie: The Poseidon Adventure