Fireball Forward Quotes

Cook: Let's go! Let's go! I ain't got all day! Come on, stupid, come on! [Notices that the next man holding out his mess kit to him is none other than the general]
Cook: Oh, I'm sorry, sir, I didn't recognize you... Hey, quick! Get something special for the general!
Maj. Gen. Joe Barrett: I want some of that. [Cook hesitatingly ladles some stew into Barrett's messkit bowl. Barrett takes one forkful, spits it out, and sets his messkit on the table]
Maj. Gen. Joe Barrett: I wouldn't feed this to a starving buzzard. [dumps the whole pot of stew onto the ground]
Maj. Gen. Joe Barrett: Call HQ and have some hot chow sent up here right away.
Capt. Tony Sanchez: Yes, sir. [And the men around them give a loud cheer]

TV Show: Fireball Forward