Shut In Quotes

Stephen: You're replacing me!
Mary: No one could ever replace you. I promise. Please, just put the ax down, and we can talk about this.

Movie: Shut In
[first lines] Doug: Hey. It's going to be okay.
Richard: Just tell me we're doing the right thing.
Doug: No, sweetheart, I know you want to fix this. It's what you do. But we've tried. All right? We've been trying and look where it's gotten us. [looking over at their son waiting in the car]
Doug: And I think the space is gonna be good for him. For all of us. Besides, it's a good school. He'll be home by the end of the summer.

Movie: Shut In
[last lines] Mary: [about his drawing]You want a dog?
Tom: [yes]
Mary: Maybe. It's gonna be good.

Movie: Shut In