Mascots Quotes

A.J. Blumquist: Well, my name is A.J. Blumquist, and I'm a former mascot, Danny the Donkey, and uh, I'm a judge this year for the Fluffies. For the two people that don't know, uh, Danny the Donkey, my mascot alter ego, was the first one to have an anatomically correct costume [picture of donkey costume with large penis covered by large black bar]
A.J. Blumquist: . That lasted all of one game, caused a lot of controversy, but I have a lot of fans in Mexico, south of the border, Tasmania, Finland, and uh, I've had a lot of personal growth. I see my role in the controversy that was involved in that, you know not just the costume that I designed and went out one day onto the the field with, but, you know, the muscle cars and the large cigars. You know, I was overcompensating. Classic overcompensation. But with support groups, I've made a lot of progress and, you know, I stay away from medical terms like micro penis - I'm phallically challenged. And um, you know, some of the great groups that I rely on are Tom Thumb and Tiny Tim and Pinky Promise that have helped me accept who I am as a man. And right now, cochlear sex is really trending very hot. You want to just put in hashtag, in any of your social media, hashtag in your ear, and you'll see what's going on. You have to be very careful how you spell that though. Make sure you spell it, or say it, In. Your. Ear. Otherwise, you know, people think you're talking about something else.

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