Sheena - Queen of the Jungle Quotes

Bob Rayburn: They're gone - but not far and not for long. They'll be stalking us from now on. We'll have to move along.
Roger Clay: Aren't you going to turn back?
Bob Rayburn: They'll attack us whatever way we move. Our best chance is to pass Kitmanju waterfall and gamble on running into a trader safari on the veldt.
Roger Clay: Then I demand you send me back with half the bearers!
Bob Rayburn: I can't do that, Clay. There aren't any bearers.

Movie: Sheena - Queen of the Jungle
Mark Helfer: I've heard the story - never thought much about it. So many fantastic tales have come out of Africa.
Bob Rayburn: Africa is a fantastic continent.

Movie: Sheena - Queen of the Jungle
Sheena: Watahelee dangerous.
Chuck Davis: Yeah?
Bob Rayburn: Yeah! Every so often they go on a voodoo rampage, raid neighboring villages and capture and kill anyone they get their hands on.
Chuck Davis: When do they have these wingdings?
Bob Rayburn: Well, I suspect its whenever the witch doctor thinks he's slipping and wants to strengthen his position by voodoo magic.

Movie: Sheena - Queen of the Jungle
[Bob prevents Clay from shooting Sheena's chimpanzee]
Roger Clay: Keep that beast away from me!
Bob Rayburn: He's Sheena's pet! He won't hurt you.
Sheena: Why you try to kill Chim?
Roger Clay: Not my idea of a pet.

Movie: Sheena - Queen of the Jungle
[Bob prevents Helfer from shooting Sheena]
Bob Rayburn: Sheena! Sheena, wait!
Mark Helfer: Why did you stop me? Look what she did!
Bob Rayburn: Sheena didn't do this.
Mark Helfer: Sheena? So that was Sheena. I always thought she was just a legend.
Bob Rayburn: Sheena's no legend. An animal did this... or a Leopard Man.
Mark Helfer: What did you say - a Leopard Man? Ha! Another of those jungle stories. A Leopard Man...
Chief Hafu: Leopard Man very bad.

Movie: Sheena - Queen of the Jungle