Captain Midnight Quotes

Maj. Steel: Where was John Edwards taken?
Henchman Kraus [Ch. 1]: I-I can't tell you that. I don't know!
Maj. Steel: Then you'll have to accept the responsibility for the death of Captain Albright.
Henchman Kraus [Ch. 1]: You can't make that charge stand up. What can you do to me?
Maj. Steel: I shall do nothing, but you will receive a visitor at midnight who will be your judge and your executioner!

Movie: Captain Midnight
Maj. Steel: And just a minute, Lieutenant. Have they succeeded in locating Captain Albright?
Lieutenant: Not yet, sir.
Maj. Steel: Albright's former experience in the service will be invaluable to us in this crisis. He has volunteered to help if needed and he must be found!

Movie: Captain Midnight
[Ikky explains his theory on why the missiles disappeared]
Ichabod Mudd: Sure. It's like this: They fire off the rocket - BANG! - It flies through the air - WHOOSH! - It hits the water - SPLASH! - It sinks to the bottom - BUBBLE, BUBBLE, BUBBLE! - Along comes a great, big whale - GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE! See? [Ikky sees Captain Midnight, Tut and Steve staring at him incredulously]
Ichabod Mudd: No?
Captain Midnight: [dryly] No.

Movie: Captain Midnight