September Quotes

Lane: I have no reason to get up tomorrow.
Stephanie: Well then, you're just going to have to make up a reason.

Movie: September
Lisa Helena Fellini: Really they're very nice American boys.
Robert L. Talbot: So was the Dalton gang.
Lisa Helena Fellini: You know the boys are very hurt; they think you don't like them.
Robert L. Talbot: The boys are right.

Movie: September
Robert L. Talbot: [speaking to Lisa] Teenagers are like the H bomb. When they go off, it's better to observe them from a distance.

Movie: September
Sandy: Love is one product you don't sell by giving away free samples.

Movie: September
Sofia's daughter: What do kids do in America ?
Ana: They are sad like everywhere in the world
Sofia's daughter: Like you ?

Movie: September