Charles in Charge Quotes

Charles: Jamie, you are not fat.
Buddy Lembeck: Actually you're short.
Jamie Powell: Oh great, I'm short and fat.

Movie: Charles in Charge
Jamie Powell: Charles, I wouldn't worry about Sarah. Nothing can happen in the back of a movie theatre. However, if he gets her in the back seat of his van, that's different.
Charles: Thank you Jamie. I won't worry about Sarah. You, on the otherhand, are never leaving this house again!

Movie: Charles in Charge
Jamie Powell: Its kind of like what happened on All My Tomorrows.
Sarah Powell: Jamie, that's a soap opera.
Jamie Powell: That doesn't mean it isn't real.

Movie: Charles in Charge
Jamie Powell: There's going to be three girls and three boys. We'll be staying in different motel rooms than the boys.
Ellen Powell: Motel rooms?
Jamie Powell: I'm sensing some negative vibes here.

Movie: Charles in Charge
Jamie Powell: How'd it go?
Charles: I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
Jamie Powell: What'd he do?
Charles: He refused.

Movie: Charles in Charge
Lottery Winner: [after winning the lottery, runs up to Charles and yells] I've won! I've won! I guess Happy Days are here again!
Charles: [Looking back in disgust] Happy Days was cancelled!

Movie: Charles in Charge

Charles: [Charles finds Douglas at work with a skateboard] ... Doug, do you need help tightening those wheels?
Douglas Pembroke: I'm not tightening them; I'm loosening them.
Charles: That's very dangerous!
Douglas Pembroke: I hope so; this is Jason's skateboard. He used my baseball glove to clean his fish tank! He's gotta be taught a lesson.
Charles: [confiscating the skateboard] That's not a crime punishable by death.

TV Show: Charles in Charge

Adam Powell: Who would put wax on beans?
Charles: So they slide down your throat without skid marks.

TV Show: Charles in Charge

Douglas Pembroke: ...All right, [shouts]
Douglas Pembroke: who stole my Incredible Hulk underoos?

TV Show: Charles in Charge

Douglas Pembroke: ...Jason's gone too far this time. He just took a shower and used my lucky towel.
Charles: What's lucky about it?
Douglas Pembroke: It always gets me dry!

TV Show: Charles in Charge

Stan Pembroke: [to Lila... who, against his orders, went out on a date with a boy he detested] ... You're grounded for three months. No TV, no stereo, no allowance, no phone. Your life is school, homework, eating, sleeping, and chores ? *lots* of chores. And if you have any free time, I suggest you spend it dwelling on why you were grounded. [to Jill]
Stan Pembroke: ... And *don't* bake her any cookies!

TV Show: Charles in Charge