Extreme Prejudice Quotes

Cash Bailey: It's a damn nice country here, I like it. A man can get away with anything, long as he just keeps paying his friends.

Movie: Extreme Prejudice
Jack Benteen: If it was me, Cash, I'd haul ass. Now that's what I'm telling you. You can haul ass, close up your shop, get out while the gettin's good. Now I'm offering you that.
Cash Bailey: I tell you what I think, Jack. I think maybe I should just give more of my money to charity. Boy Scouts, United Fund, Houston Symphony Orchestra. And maybe you should stop tryin' to be a third generation Ranger with a spit-shine heart.
Jack Benteen: Quit sellin' dope, Cash.
Cash Bailey: You don't understand. They *want* it, Jack! They *like* the stuff!

Movie: Extreme Prejudice
Jack Benteen: Once I see that Sarita's okay, we'll settle up.
Cash Bailey: Why sure, that's only fair. What the hell. You think I want you worried about her when you ought to be concentratin' on killing me?

Movie: Extreme Prejudice
Sheriff Hank Pearson: You ain't just gonna walk in there, are ya'?
Jack Benteen: Oh, hell, I've known Chub since the third grade. You were just telling me what a nice kid he used to be. I'm just gonna go in there and have a beer with him.
Sheriff Hank Pearson: ****, sounds reasonable. Just sit down, talk to him about how you shot his brother night before last.

Movie: Extreme Prejudice
Sheriff Hank Pearson: Morning.
Jack Benteen: [snaps] What's good about it!?
Sheriff Hank Pearson: Well hell, I said "morning." I didn't say "good morning."

Movie: Extreme Prejudice