Rules Don't Apply Quotes

Frank Forbes: [to Marla]You're an exception. Rules don't apply to you.

Movie: Rules Don't Apply
[repeated line] Howard Hughes: I was younger than you.

Movie: Rules Don't Apply
[Hughes alone with the drunk and flirtatious Marla] Howard Hughes: You make an old guy courageous, Marla...
Marla Mabrey: Is that a compliment, Howard ?
Howard Hughes: You're not calling me Mr. Hughes... Makes me feel so much younger.

Movie: Rules Don't Apply
[Marla together with other contract actresses at a ballet studio] Sally: So, did you get caviar ?
Marla Mabrey: Yes, I got caviar, but I still haven't met him. Do you have any idea how many houses he has for actresses under contract ?
Sally: I think something like... 14.
Mamie Murphy: [smiles]More like... 22.
Bella: [smiles]More like 26.
Marla Mabrey: [repeats together with the others in disbelief]26!

Movie: Rules Don't Apply
Lucy Mabrey: [to Marla]Well, from all I've heard about Howard Hughes, I hope he doesn't expect to meet you in some hotel room...

Movie: Rules Don't Apply