Ride a Wild Pony Quotes

Angus Pirie: That pony's gone for good. You'll just hafta make the best of it.

Movie: Ride a Wild Pony
Charles E. Quayle: There is absolutely no hope that either side could prove, to the satisfaction of the court, that the pony in the police pound is Bo, belonging to Miss Ellison, or Taff, belonging to Scott Pirie.
Judge: In heaven's name, Mr. Quayle, what are you asking the court to decide?
Charles E. Quayle: Nothing.

Movie: Ride a Wild Pony
James Ellison: What do you think of it?
Josie Ellison: It looks like your sulky.
James Ellison: Yes, but it's not for racing.
Bluey Waters: Now all you need is a pony. Would you like to choose one out of the paddock?
Josie Ellison: No. I don't want one that's broken already.
Bluey Waters: Josie, you'll have a job teaching an unbroke pony to pull this thing.
Josie Ellison: I don't care. He'll be my pony, and I want to start from scratch. He won't do anything except for my command.

Movie: Ride a Wild Pony
Jeannie Quayle: Kit, what happened? How it's going?
Kit Quayle: I don't know. Father, well, he seems to be...
Jeannie Quayle: What?
Kit Quayle: He seems to be trying to prove that no one can tell whose pony it is.
Jeannie Quayle: What will happen?
Kit Quayle: They'll give the pony to Josie.
Jeannie Quayle: Well, it is her pony.
Kit Quayle: Is it?

Movie: Ride a Wild Pony
Mrs. Ellison: I haven't seen her so happy since - since it happened.
Josie Ellison: Isn't he wonderful?
James Ellison: Josie, I'm going to enter you for best pony turnout at the town carnival. You think you'll win?
Josie Ellison: Bo can win anything.

Movie: Ride a Wild Pony