Brannigan Quotes

Brannigan: [after kicking down door] Knock, knock!

Movie: Brannigan
[Brannigan has used a revolver wrapped in a plastic bag to coerce Angell into revealing the whereabouts of Ben Larkin. Brannigan then puts the weapon on the table and telephones police headquarters]
Brannigan: You must be getting old, Angell, trying to push second-rate paper like this. [Brannigan reaches the desk sergeant and doesn't notice that Angell has taken the gun in the plastic bag]
Angell: Turn around, big man!
Brannigan: Angell, you're a real bush-leaguer.
Angell: Oh yeah? [Angell squeezes the gun's trigger, but it clicks empty]
Brannigan: Oh, you know something, I don't think it's loaded.
Angell: [flying into a rage] Why you dirty lousy mick! You got no rules! You got no...! [Brannigan grabs a piece of wood and clobbers Angell, who falls unconscious onto the table. Brannigan ties him up while the desk sergeant on the phone yells for him]
Brannigan: [to the phone] Nice to be wanted.
Angell: [waking up] Listen Brannigan, you're dead! There's a contract out on you! [Brannigan tosses the empty gun on the table next to Angell]
Brannigan: Try explaining that to your parole officer.

Movie: Brannigan