Pushing Daisies Quotes

Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles: Do you believe in reincarnation?
Emerson Cod: Hell no. The planet's falling apart. Right now, it's the children's problem. We reincarnate, it's our problem.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson Cod: Sounds like you're a narcoleptic.
Ned: I suffer from sudden and uncontrollable types of deep sleep?
Emerson Cod: What's the other one?
Ned: Necrophiliac.
Emerson Cod: Words that sound alike get mixed up in my head.
Olive: Me, too. I used to think masturbation meant chewing your food. [awkward silence]
Olive: I don't think that anymore.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson Cod: Future Me is saying 'I told you so' all upside your head... but Now Me is standing here quietly.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Lily Charles: [pointing a gun at the Shiny Shoes Killer, who attempted to strangle her] I can hold my breath for a long time.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: I asked you not to use the word "zombie". It's disrespectful. Stumbling around squawking for brains? That's not how they do. And "undead"? Nobody wants to be "un"-anything. Why begin a statement with a negative? It's like saying, "I don't disagree." Just say you agree.
Emerson Cod: Are you comfortable with "living dead"?
Ned: You're either living or you're dead. When you're living, you're alive. When you're dead, that's what you are. But when you're dead and then you're not, you're alive again. Can't we say "alive again"? Doesn't that sound nice?

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: This is pushing your luck.
Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles: Yeah, well, luck pushed me first.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: You can't touch me.
Chuck: So a kiss is out of the question?
Ned: I just lost my train of thought.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Chuck: You can't just touch someone's life and just be done with it.
Ned: Yes I can. That's how I roll.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: You know what? We all have childhood issues. Okay? Believe me. I got the full subscription, okay? Horror stories.
Ned: I kind of killed her dad when I was ten.
Emerson: Maybe not horror stories.
Ned: She doesn't know. But I wanted to make it better or different than what it was, because what it was was her dead and I didn't want that to be my fault too.
Emerson: Well, who died instead?
Ned: [shows Emerson an obituary for the funeral director] It's a random proximity thing.
Emerson: Bitch!I was in proximity.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: The fact that he was a very, very bad man makes you feel better about what you did?
Ned: Yes. Immensely. I would have felt horrible if it was... you, for example.
Emerson: [smacks Ned on the head with rolled up newspaper.]
Ned: I'm not proud!
Emerson: You know, I'm glad you did it. Makes the worst thing I did seem insignificant.
Ned: Listen to you, all judgey-judge.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Deedee: Hey, Charlotte!
Chuck: Hey, Deedee.
Deedee: Now, how'd I know you'd be the first person I'd see when I got to...? Is this...? Which one is this?
Chuck: This is neither. Well, maybe it's both, but, listen, this is the deal: you get to talk for, like, a minute, we're gonna catch up, and then you're not talking anymore.
Deedee: Does everyone get to do this? 'Cause, girl, we gotta break it down.
Chuck: Did you know I was gonna get killed?
Deedee: I thought there might be the possibility, yes. I'm real sorry about that. I probably should've said something. But to be honest, and really, why not, at this point, if it were safe, I would've done it myself. God, this is fantastic! Being honest is fun!

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Narrator: One mile to the west, Emerson Cod was also not thrilled. During times of stress or anxiety, he liked to knit. Since the arrival of the dead girl who was not dead, he found the stockinette stitch relaxing.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Chuck: [regarding Emerson] Is he upset you brought your childhood sweetheart back to life?
Ned: He barely knows you're here.
Narrator: In fact, Emerson had finished knitting a sweater vest and two handgun cozies in the week since Chuck's return.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: I'm not God, but if I was, I'd be an angry God.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: If I'd wanted to hang out with geeks in leotards, I would've stayed in art school.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Narrator: As Olive considered how much she loved Digby for paying attention to her when the pie-maker would not, Digby considered how much he loved salt.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Olive: This is a pie shop, not a herbal crack den.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: Lookit here... You need a ticket to ride this ride, and if your ticket gets punched then you gotta take somebody else's ticket.
Ned: Why are you still talking?!
Emerson: I'm ripping off the band-aid!
Ned: I'm not a ripper. I pull up a corner a little at a time and then I run it under warm water and I pull it a little bit more. It's a process!
Emerson: Let 'er rip.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Aunt Vivian: Pies for breakfast always remind me of Mother.
Aunt Lily: Vermouth always reminds me of Mother.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: You framed someone for murder you ASS!

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
[Ned has brought back funeral director Lawrence to apologize]
Chuck: [noticing a pocket watch on Lawrence's body] Hey, I had one just like that.
Lawrence: Yeah, your dead body was buried with it.
Chuck You stole that off my dead body?
Lawrence: Well, your dead body wasn't doing anything with it.
[Chuck closes the casket; Ned tries to open it but can't]
Emerson: Oh, you better be playing.
Ned: [checks his watch] 12 seconds.
Emerson: Oh, hell no! [runs out of the funeral home making the Sign of the Cross]

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: [stares at a squirrel waiting for it to die, when a dead bird falls from the sky] It's raining dead birds.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: I can't catch her, Emerson.
Emerson: Can't suck on her toes, neither. Some women like that.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: [takes Ned aside] What is the rate of exchange on the life of a bird? 'Cause if it's equal to or greater than mine, I need to get back to my car.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: Check please.
Olive: [slams two large wads of cash down on Emerson's table]
Emerson: Or cash. Cash is good. [grabs money, puts it on his lap]
Olive: I want to hire you. Technically, I already have, since you were so grabby with the cash.
Emerson: Think of it as an escrow between my thighs.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: Is this a bad idea? Olive as a client? It's a little too close for comfort.
Emerson: [sarcastically] Oh, hang on a second, let me ask the money.
[Emerson makes his hand a telephone]
Emerson: Hey money, it's me, Emerson.
[Ned rolls his eyes]
Emerson: I'm good, I'm good. Yeah, thanks for asking. Say, can I still pay my bills and buy stuff with you, even though you was Olive's money first? Uh huh.
Ned: Wait.
Emerson: [laughs] Yeah, okay then. Thanks. [laughs again] The money don't care. Touch him.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: I love you, shovel.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Ned: Where'd you get this pie?
Aunt Lily: We thought you were having them delivered. Comes every week.
Aunt Vivian: I don't know how we survived without it: it's like a sex addiction! [beat] I would imagine.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Chuck: I don’t know, but hurry up and open if before he comes back! What if he changes when his blood sugar level drops?
Olive: Maybe like a hypoglycemic werewolf!

TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Emerson: That girl dropped a bomb in your subconcious with her saliva.

TV Show: Pushing Daisies