Paradise Falls Quotes

Trish Simpkin: Hey.
Roxy Hunter: Hey!
Trish Simpkin: Sorry I'm late.
Roxy Hunter: Wow, you look nice!
Trish Simpkin: Thanks, you look hot too.
Roxy Hunter: Oh thanks.
Trish Simpkin: You should've just gone ahead.
Roxy Hunter: Oh I don't like going to weddings by myself, I always have to answer the same question over and over again. How come your not married yet?
Trish Simpkin: I always tell them it's because of the syphilis that usually shuts them up
Roxy Hunter: [she laughs] Yeah. [they start walking]
Roxy Hunter: You know it'd be so much better if I was a lesbian. [she laughs]
Roxy Hunter: Just for today if anybody asks we're a couple unless someone decent comes along then get lost.
Trish Simpkin: Got it.

Movie: Paradise Falls