Once and Again Quotes

Aaron: Are you in love?
Grace Manning: How could I know that?

TV Show: Once and Again
Katie Singer: What's so great about hiding who you are?

TV Show: Once and Again
Lily Manning: There's a difference between giving up and letting go.

TV Show: Once and Again
Naomi: Lily, we're not talking about muffins here. This is a gingerbread house from scratch, it's hard. Remember childbirth? This is harder.

TV Show: Once and Again
Therapist: So, your friend is gay...
Jessie Sammler: No no no. My friend being gay wouldn't bother me. What bothers me is people saying she's gay if she's not. Like there are girls in my school who say they're gay, and know if they are or they aren't but at least it's their choice to say it.
Therapist: I see.
Jessie Sammler: And with Katie, I just don't think that she is because I know her really well. And if she was, she would be going to that meeting tonight and she's not, so she's obviously not gay.
Therapist: Well, that settles it then.

TV Show: Once and Again
[looking at their new baby sister]
Zoey Manning: I didn't know they came out with fingernails.
Grace Manning: Your baby's gonna come out with painted fingernails.
Zoey Manning: And yours is gonna come out with a copy of War And Peace.

TV Show: Once and Again