Paradise Quotes

Alex Van Camp: [On Keith] Well, you girls voted him on.
Toni Ferrari: Wow... wow.
Alex Van Camp: What a creep.
Toni Ferrari: Mmm hmm.

TV Show: Paradise
Khaled: We still have paradise.
Suha: There is no paradise. It only exists in your head.

TV Show: Paradise
Phoenix: Don't you hear that crowd down there? Why should I give that up?
The Phantom: They'll want more. They want much more. More than you could ever give.
Phoenix: I'll give them whatever they want.

TV Show: Paradise
Roger: There could be a nuclear war; there'd be nothing left but cockroaches and nerds.

TV Show: Paradise
Willie: You're sure you don't want a TV dinner?
Eva: Yes. I'm not hungry. Why is it called TV dinner?
Willie: Um... You're supposed to eat it while you watch TV. Television.
Eva: I know what a TV is. Where does that meat come from?
Willie: What do you mean?
Eva: What does that meat come from?
Willie: I guess it comes from a cow.
Eva: From a cow? It doesn't even look like meat.
Willie: Eva, stop bugging me, will you? You know, this is the way we eat in America. I got my meat, I got my potatoes, I got my vegetables, I got my dessert, and I don't even have to wash the dishes.

TV Show: Paradise
[first lines]
Older Mini McGann: Why are we so early?
Lily Yuriko Kawamura: It's good to early.
Older Mini McGann: Do you ever worry that you won't recognize him, Mama?
Lily Yuriko Kawamura: You recgnize me, don't you?
Older Mini McGann: Well, he might have grown a beard or a moustache or something. And I was so little. I only think I remember him. Do you think he'll remember me?
Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Well, he has all your photographs and all the letters you wrote him, and he has all your school reports
Older Mini McGann: You sent him my school reports?
Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Of course I did. I wanted to let him know how well you were doing. Come on, now. I got some tea and rice cakes here. We'll have a nice talk while we're walking, okay? Let's go.
Older Mini McGann: How far do we have to walk?
Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Not far.
Older Mini McGann: If we have so much time, then why are you walking so fast? I shouldn't have worn these new shoes. I think I have a blister. Mama! [speaks in Japanese]
Lily Yuriko Kawamura: [replies in Japanese] Try not to think about it. You want to look pretty, don't you?
Older Mini McGann: Can we talk about Papa?
Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Okay.

TV Show: Paradise
[first lines] Lamb Mannerheim: This is me, before the accident. [standing in the ocean in a sundress]
Lamb Mannerheim: And here's me after I was barbecued in jet fuel. [sitting on the beach completely covered]
Lamb Mannerheim: The old-me was content, virtuous; believed in everything.
Lamb Mannerheim: [sundress]Marshmallow.
Lamb Mannerheim: What an idiot.

Movie: Paradise
William: [seeing her grope for her pain pills]Would you like something stronger? Like a gun?

Movie: Paradise
William: Where are you going? Why are you not listening to me? Why are you not enchanted?

Movie: Paradise
Lamb Mannerheim: I'm not a show girl.
Loray: Nobody cares what you are, hon.
Lamb Mannerheim: I care very much. I care about the message that I send out into the world. Besides, I could never do that anyway, people would stare. My skin.
Loray: Yeah, well I got a skin condition too. It's called black. People would stare.

Movie: Paradise
William: You know how when you're a kid, and you go to bed, and it snows over night, and you wake up the next day, and everything looks pure and pristine and perfect, and you just wanna get your boots on and get out there and mess it up?
Loray: I'm from Florida.

Movie: Paradise
Loray: There *are* girls here that are looking stupid on purpose. At least you can't help it.

Movie: Paradise
Lamb Mannerheim: I realized we *do* have something in common.
Loray: We do, huh?
Lamb Mannerheim: Yeah. You don't have any black friends, either.

Movie: Paradise
William: If I'm so toothless, then how come you're afraid to come upstairs with me?
Lamb Mannerheim: Afraid? You've gotta be kidding me, I just spent my entire life being trained to follow a man with long hair and a beard. That would just be down right predictable.

Movie: Paradise
Loray: Maybe it's just a Tuesday night, and I'm trying to be your magical a negro?
Lamb Mannerheim: Um, my what?
William: No! No!
Loray: Magical negro. Magical negro is a narrative convention in which a black person uses her special black wisdom to help a white person in need.

Movie: Paradise
Lamb Mannerheim: He was a good pilot, but...
Amber: Did he get as messed up as you? All the shit on your neck?
Lamb Mannerheim: He lucked out.
Amber: Not a scratch, huh?
Lamb Mannerheim: No, he died.

Movie: Paradise
Lamb Mannerheim: This, this is so much worse than home.
Amber: [laughs]Nothing's worse than home. Trust me, I'm scared for life.

Movie: Paradise
William: I gotta tell you right now, you are awful at being awful.

Movie: Paradise
Doug Mannerheim: [running into the room]Is she in pain?
Melanie Mannerheim: She says she's happy.
Doug Mannerheim: Oh no.

Movie: Paradise
[last lines] Lamb Mannerheim: Some people say this whole world is broken. I say it's paradise.

Movie: Paradise