A Day in Summer Quotes

Rector: Perhaps you could start a dramatic society for the young married couples. You could play the lead - give them a standard.
Georgina: [incredulous] Start a *dramatic* society?
Rector: Why not?
Georgina: [sighs contemptuously] Because as an actress I was a washout - and you know it.
Rector: You had that year in rep.
Georgina: Doing what? Walking on, walking off. And that was because I bulged in the right places and they could sell a few seats to aged incapables looking for a cheap thrill.

TV Show: A Day in Summer
[talking about Bellinger]
Ruskin: We used to call him the Old Man of the Sea. He ditched, half way between Ostende and Bradwell Bay, and drifted in a dinghy for five days and five nights, alone - after he'd pushed his pilot overboard when his body began to smell. Can you imagine it, Rev? You can't and neither can I. The sea's a big place, even when you go down to it in ships. All around, nothing. Five days and five nights, with only a thin layer of rubber between you and it. Too cold to sleep at night. Too afraid to sleep in the daytime in case you miss the chance of a rescue. What will you die of? Hunger? Thirst? Cold? Will you die sane or mad? Muttering or shrieking? We can't imagine it, my dear Rector - it's beyond us, isn't it? But Ted Bellinger did it - the Old Man of the Sea did it. And he lived.

TV Show: A Day in Summer