Love and War Quotes

Ivan Oranchov: I don't get it. We blew that alien spacecraft out of the sky and yet the shriveled geriatric one still survived. These schopas must be harder to kill than we thought.
KGB Agent: I spit on them!
Ivan Oranchov: Nonetheless, inform the Kremlin that we shall proceed with the operation as planned. Tell them we need as much Revelade as they can ship, as quickly as they can ship it.
KGB Agent: Da, Agent Oranchov.
Ivan Oranchov: And our American 'distributor'?
KGB Agent: He suspects nothing. In fact he seemed quite enthusiastic about whole idea. He thinks we'll be spreading revolution in a paper cup.
Ivan Oranchov: And so we will. But not, I think, the sort he expects. Idealists.
KGB Agent: I spit on them.
Ivan Oranchov: Stalin, he understood. Ideas may start a revolution, but guns and gulags finish them. Well, no matter. Soon the citizens of Bay City will be embarking on a very bad trip. [he laughs evilly]
KGB Agent: [joins in]

Movie: Love and War
Natalya Ivanova: What are the codes?
Crypto: Eye... Love... Ewe.
Natalya Ivanova: Not now Crypto, we have work to do. Tell me the secret codes.
Crypto: Those are the codes. Also, who's on first, what's on second and I don't know's on third.

Movie: Love and War
Orthopox-13: Crypto, If you can here me, meet me in the park. That humans tampering seems to have damaged some of your equipment. No, I'm not talking about your new package!

Movie: Love and War
Orthopox-13: Here we are, scene 1. I looked pretty good that day.
Crypto: You're a [bleep]
Crypto: hologram, you look like crap.
Orthopox-13: Crypto, watch your language you [bleep]
Orthopox-13: [bleep] !

Movie: Love and War
Soldier Singer: It was Christmas Day in the cookhouse, the happiest time of the year, Men's hearts were full of gladness and their bellies full of beer, When up popped Private Shorthouse, his face as bold as brass, He said We don't want your puddings, you can stick them up your tidings of co-omfort and joy, comfort and joy, o-oh ti-idings of co-omfort and joy. It was Christmas Day in the harem, the eunuchs were standing 'round, And hundreds of beautiful women were stretched out on the ground, Along came the wicked Sultan, surveying his marble halls, He said Whaddya want for Christmas boys, and the eunuchs answered tidings of co-omfort and joy, comfort and joy, o-oh ti-idings of comfort and joy.

Movie: Love and War