The Little Mermaid (V) Quotes

Ariel: You're not getting cold fins now, are you?

Movie: The Little Mermaid (V)
Scuttle: [Flying blissfully close to the wedding barge, as he hums the Wedding March]
Vanessa: [singing in Ariel's Voice, to the tune of "Poor Unfortunate Souls"] What a lovely little bride I'll make/ My dear I'll look divine.
Vanessa: [Chuckles, then continues Singing] Things are working out according/ To my ultimate design
Scuttle: [Watching the entire scene gulps]
Vanessa: [singing] Soon I'll have that little mermaid/ And the ocean will be mine!
Vanessa: [laughing into the mirror, whose reflection reveals she is indeed Ursula]
Scuttle: [Gasps] The Sea Witch! Oh no... She's gonna... I gotta... [In his haste flys into the window by mistake]
Scuttle: Ariel!

Movie: The Little Mermaid (V)