Know Your Enemy Quotes

Lt. Commander O'Neil: Palomino.
Corpman Palomino: Yeah, Doc?
Lt. Commander O'Neil: Move that other Marine over there. And, take that prisioner off the table and put him on a cot.
Capt. Fisher: Doc.
Corpman Palomino: I don't know where to put him. It's getting all backed up out there.
Capt. Fisher: Doc. Doc! I need you to look at this Jap. You need to keep him alive.
Lt. Commander O'Neil: Put the pin back in the gernade and come down off the ledge, Captain. That's what we do in here. We'll do the best we can.
Capt. Fisher: Look, I don't give a **** what you have to do to keep him alive, just keep him alive!
Lt. Commander O'Neil: Captain! Let me remind you, you're talking to a superior officer, Captain! I don't know what's going on with you and this guy, nor do I care! Why do you care if he lives or dies? The rising sun doesn't.

Movie: Know Your Enemy