Johnson Family Vacation Quotes

Nate Johnson: You know son,the only reason i'm hard on you is well because one day you'll wear the pants in your own family, people will depend on you, and how can they do that if your pants are all hanging of your behind? I mean have you thought about what you gonna do if this whole rap thing dudn't work out?
D.J. Johnson: well, i was thinking about law school [nate smiles in agreement]
D.J. Johnson: or medical school [nate nods again in agreement]
D.J. Johnson: but then mom says she'll help me incorporate [nate looks over at dorothy who's sleeping]
D.J. Johnson: so i was thinking about coming out with my own line of hip hop pyjamas
Nate Johnson: pyjamas? [nate looks at him]
D.J. Johnson: you know how Puffy has Sean John and then Jigga has Rockawear
Nate Johnson: oh my days
D.J. Johnson: Dj's pjs baggy always! [laughs to himself]
D.J. Johnson: bad!
Nate Johnson: I told your mother not stand by the microwave when she was pregnant with you! [Dj looks puzzled]

Movie: Johnson Family Vacation
Nate Johnson: Nikki, this better be FTD, cuz this Russian tail is old enough to be yo' grandaddy
Nikki Johnson: Not mom's big daddy

Movie: Johnson Family Vacation