The Parkers Quotes

Dorothy Parker: It's as if I were a spoiled virgin, and no one will have me!
Robert Benchley: You're not spoiled. Just highly seasoned.

Movie: The Parkers
Nicole 'Nikki' Parker: Well, you know what they say, "There's always more room for alizay!"

Movie: The Parkers
[after being chewed out for missing a magazine deadline]
Dorothy Parker: Someone else was using the pencil.

Movie: The Parkers
[after the Reverend reminds Nikki about dinner]
Andell Wilkerson: You're going out with the Reverend again? That's the fifth time this week.
Nicole 'Nikki' Parker: It's the sixth and it's strictly business.
Gertude: More like funny business.
Nicole 'Nikki' Parker: No, more like none of your business.

Movie: The Parkers