Imaginary Heroes Quotes

[first lines]
Tim Travis: Matt Travis was a great swimmer. But it wasn't just that he was a great swimmer, it was simply that he was greater at swimming than anyone I ever knew was good at whatever they were good at.

Movie: Imaginary Heroes
Sandy Travis: I bet we're the only mother and son in town who can say "masturbating" to each other and not laugh.

Movie: Imaginary Heroes
Shelly Chan: [commencement address] These were the best years of our lives. At least that's what they told us. Personally, I hated high school. I hated all of you and I hope you all rot in hell. Thank you.

Movie: Imaginary Heroes
Vern: What happened to you?
Tim Travis: What happened to *you*?
Vern: Well, I've been trying to relocate, to a higher plane of life, unsuccessfully.
Tim Travis: You have to cut up and down, not across.
Vern: Yeah, if you don't mind bleeding slowly for 5 hours.
Tim Travis: Why?
Vern: Because there is nothing here that I even remotely care about. I've got nothing to fight for, and if I don't want to live here why should I have to, and I don't care how much better off I am than everyone else, that's not the point.
Tim Travis: I think you're my new hero.
Vern: You know, one of two things happens when you meet your heroes, either they're assholes, or they're just like you are. Either way you always lose.
Tim Travis: Hey, guns always hit their mark.
Vern: Yeah, only if you really wanna die.

Movie: Imaginary Heroes