Ginger Snaps - Unleashed Quotes

Brigitte: [looking at elongated ear in mirror, moves back to show Ginger sitting on a chair] Ginger?
Ginger: We really need to talk. These last few days, I've been feeling very left out, watching you hang out with all your cool, new friends.
Brigitte: It's starting. [Isabelle, [email protected]

Movie: Ginger Snaps - Unleashed
Ghost: So was that the one that bit you?
Brigitte: I wasn't bit, my sister was. And no, it wasn't the same one.
Ghost: Well - Well, where did it come from? The infinite darkness?
Brigitte: I don't think so, Ghost... more like the suburbs.
Ghost: If you weren't bit, then...
Brigitte: I infected myself with her blood. I thought I could make her stop if I was like her.
Ghost: I always wanted a sister. Where is she now?
Brigitte: She isn't, I stopped her.
Ghost: You killed your own sister?
Brigitte: There wasn't much of Ginger left in what I killed.
Ghost: So - So what'd you use? A silver bullet?
Brigitte: A knife. They're not superheroes, Ghost.

Movie: Ginger Snaps - Unleashed
Beth-Ann: PING! [throws penny at Ghost's head and laughs, everyone else joins in]
Girl: This is getting so boring.
Beth-Ann: It's an ancient game, the throwing of pennies at the local moron or midget!
Brigitte: I can't see the TV [laughing and throwing continues]
Brigitte: I said I can't see the TV! [grabs Beth-Ann and slams her into a wall]
Brigitte: Would you like me to throw YOU at her head?

Movie: Ginger Snaps - Unleashed
Koral: Dr. Brookner, if she doesn't shut up, I swear I'll make her drink her piss... again.

Movie: Ginger Snaps - Unleashed
Tyler: [speaking to Brigitte over the phone] You still there? [pause]
Brigitte: Sort of.

Movie: Ginger Snaps - Unleashed
Written on psychologist's notepad after Brigitte explains her lycanthropic transformation: Lesbian?

Movie: Ginger Snaps - Unleashed