A Sight for Sore Eyes Quotes

Steve Langston: So, the last time I saw you, you were Homecoming Queen, dating Mr. Perfect, the Homecoming King - then - what happened?
Amie Cooper: It was five years ago, I was still dating Mr. Perfect - we went to the lake with some friends to celebrate Fourth of July weekend - you know, race boats, get drunk - act like a bunch of crazy people.
Steve Langston: Done that a to time or two.
Amie Cooper: We were sitting on the bank watching the fireworks. I remember, it was especially clear that night. The stars were out, Jimmy Buffet was playing on the radio - and while we were waiting for the grand finale, someone threw their own fireworks in to our camp. One of Brian's friends yelled out to warn us, but - I turned and looked right into it. There was this bright flash, then the most unbelievable explosion you could ever imagine. Everything shook - then everything went black.
Steve Langston: Dear God...
Amie Cooper: The only thing I felt was the - ringing in my ears. That was all I could feel for a long, long time.

Movie: A Sight for Sore Eyes