Fools Rush In Quotes

Alex Whitman: How've you been?
Isabel Fuentes: Pregnant.

Movie: Fools Rush In
Alex Whitman: Jeff, you gamble either way. And you are just pissed because I won on the first pull instead of putting quarters into the wrong machine for the last five years.
Jeff: Wait! First of all, those were silver dollars, my friend. And that slot machine now owns my house.

Movie: Fools Rush In
Alex Whitman: There was nothing I could do the deal starts July 1st.
Isabel Fuentes: Tell them to wait.
Alex Whitman: I can't do that.
Isabel Fuentes: Can't or won't?
Alex Whitman: I've worked to long, too hard...
Isabel Fuentes: To what? To share your life with someone who loves you? Who cares for you? Alex you have to be there everyday!
Alex Whitman: What do you think I've been killing myself for?
Isabel Fuentes: Oh come on you knew about this for a month, but you don't include me... Why are you afraid of me? Why do you alienate me from your life?
Alex Whitman: I don't... I don't know...
Isabel Fuentes: [sighs] Look I told you in the beginning... I have no problem raising this child on my own. [walks away]
Alex Whitman: I thought we were a family...
Isabel Fuentes: [turns around] You don't understand the concept of a family! To you it's something you put up with on national holidays! Love is a gift, Alex not an obligation. [turns and walks away]
Alex Whitman: Look this is the brass ring. I've worked my entire life for this kind of opportunity and I am not gonna throw it all away just because one night I put a five dollar ring on your finger in front of Elvis as a witness!

Movie: Fools Rush In
Alex Whitman: Isabel, don't jump.
Isabel Fuentes: I'm not going to kill myself, stupid. But if you come any closer, I'll throw your ass over.

Movie: Fools Rush In
Great Grandma: It is not your faith that has betrayed you. It is your fear.

Movie: Fools Rush In
Mrs. Fuentes: You left Alex with your brothers?
Isabel Fuentes: And Chuy.
Mrs. Fuentes: Oh, I better light another candle.

Movie: Fools Rush In