Cube Quotes

Homeless Guy: This is America. If you don't like Spaghetti and Meatballs, then you can just get the hell out!

Movie: Cube
Leaven: [Leaven, Kazan & Worth reaching the exit of the cube] What are you doing? You can't quit now. It's not your fault!
Worth: I have nothing... to live for out there.
Leaven: What is out there?
Worth: Boundless human stupidity.
Leaven: I can live with that.

Movie: Cube
Sonny: [steps on Julian's Scuba Steve Doll] Ow, Scuba Steve! Damn You!

Movie: Cube
[Julian is taking a leak]
Julian: How come you're not going?
Sonny: Because I don't have to go. Only you and my grandfather go every thirty seconds.

Movie: Cube
[Ordering food]
Sonny: Julian, what do you want?
Julian: Thirty packets of ketchup.

Movie: Cube