Encino Man Quotes

Dave: Stop! Stop, where did you go? You just took off after school. Do you know how worried I've been?
Dave: God, you sound like my mom.
Dave: God, you can't do that to me. [looking more closely at Link]
Dave: What's on his nose?
Stoney: Just chill, Dave, 'cause you know why? Link and I had a stoney time at the Mountain.
Dave: You took him to Mega Mountain? Are you crazy?
Stoney: Yeah, 'cause they're ridin' The Vapor in reverse.
Dave: They are?
Stoney: Unh-huh!
Dave: Oh, cool!
Link: Check out the fresh nugs, wheezin' the juice...
Stoney, Link: [howling together] Oooooooowwwwww! Bud-dy!

Movie: Encino Man
Stoney: [a car horn is heard] Your parents!
Dave: My parents!
Link: AHH!

Movie: Encino Man
Stoney: Um, Robyn Sweeney, bro? She's not going to the prom with you, man. I wish she would, but she's really not.
Dave: What are you talking about? Robyn Sweeney is mine. She's become a major babe, and she loves me.
Stoney: She finds you crusty, Dave.
Dave: I'll convince her! She'll see the truth.
Stoney: The truth is bro, life's about greasing the 'do back, buddy, and wheezin' on the buff-fest, man. High school was interesting, alright? It was kinda like a harsh ride. Ah, ah...
Stoney: [howls twice]
Stoney: We're going on to bigger and better things, buddy!
Dave: Stoney, I am on to bigger and better things!

Movie: Encino Man