California Dreams Quotes

Jake: Nobody messes with Jake Sommers, now if you excuse me there's something I got to do.
Lorena: Oh no you don't, I'm not going to let to ride Dead Man's Curve.
Jake: Who said anything about Dead Man's Curve, I just want to go beat that stupid speed bump.

TV Show: California Dreams
K-Nine: When I walk into a room and there's a thousand people inside, 999 are looking at me and the one who isn't, is blind.

Movie: California Dreams
Cory: Why Do I want to go to Finland? Honestly, the only memory that comes into mind is I was watching those stupid infomercials of the Girls Gone Wild, I know it sounds crazy. And they were interviewing this one girl and she was Finnish and it was like from there I was dead set on meeting a Finnish girl and going to Finland.

Movie: California Dreams
Cory: I really wanted to be more established. You know the last time I held a job was eight years ago at Toys'R Us. But you wanna know something cool is that I got that job all on my own man, I did, I was pretty persistent. And you know, I went in for an interview and they liked me and I got hired.

Movie: California Dreams