Driving Lessons Quotes

Ben: God. Is. love.

Movie: Driving Lessons
Evie Walton: Have a drink!
Ben: I don't drink.
Evie Walton: Go on! It'll make you feel better.
Ben: No, it won't.
Evie Walton: [annoyed] It was a key. I swallowed it. Frankly, you should be flattered! Now... I insist you have a drink.
Ben: I'm underage!
Evie Walton: Well... how old are you?
Ben: Seventeen and a half.
Evie Walton: So young and so pedantic... One glass. You can tell God I forced you.

Movie: Driving Lessons
Ben: Remember I'm a poet too Evie, I understand the power of words

Movie: Driving Lessons
Ben: I'm not gay!
Evie Walton: Not gay apparently.

Movie: Driving Lessons
Evie Walton: [stuck on the rock-climbing display] Ben... Can you- ca- can y-... Can you put your shoulder under my arse?

Movie: Driving Lessons
Sarah: Every day that God gives us is a gift. That's why we call it the present.
Ben: [annoyed] **** off, Sarah
Sarah: [shocked] What did you say?
Ben: I said: **** off...

Movie: Driving Lessons