Conviction Quotes

[from trailer]
Sam Fisher: I used to want them to forget about me - it made sense at the time. I'd lost my daughter, I'd shot my best friend, I'd seen the agency I gave my life to turn around and throw me to the dogs. So I made a deal: I wouldn't bother them and they wouldn't bother me, and we'd both let sleeping dogs lie. It was good enough for a while, when all I wanted to do was be someone else and forget everything I'd done. But that never lasts... You always come back to who you are, you always come back to what's important. I started asking questions, I started finding answers. When those answers took me back home, that's where I went. The only thing worth hunting is the truth, no matter where it's hiding. Maybe they did forget about me, maybe they didn't. They're sure as hell gonna remember me now.

Movie: Conviction

Brian Peluso: You are gorgeous, absolutely, unequivocally, unrelentingly, gorgeous. With a perfect, I repeat perfect, body.

TV Show: Conviction