Dopamine Quotes

Rand: These are my fat pills actually, I grew up fat. Seriously, my parents they never stopped me from having a second helping of whatever so I kind of blew up from there.
Rand: The doctor diagnosed me with hyperthyroidis, prescribed this drug Syntac. Right after I started taking it, I started feeling like I had more energy, I started swimming and stuff,by Junior year in high school I was pretty much normal.
Sarah McCaulley: I've read somewhere lately that they've been doing a lot of placebo work with thyroid problems?
Rand: This is definitely not a placebo.
Sarah McCaulley: How do you know? Let me guess... you got a feeling?
Rand: That's very funny I didn't know you were a comedian!

Movie: Dopamine
Sarah McCaulley: Rand, I'm not using this as an excuse I honestly don't know have the **** I do. Sometimes until it's done.
Sarah McCaulley: It's like I'm on auto-pilot. I land in places I shouldn't.
Rand: You really know how to make a guy feel confident.

Movie: Dopamine
[last lines]
Sarah McCaulley: Morning, sleepyhead.
Rand: I was dreaming of you.
Sarah McCaulley: You were?
Rand: [laughs] Yes, I was singing to you in my dream.
Sarah McCaulley: Singing? What song?
Rand: That Bob Dylan Song? 'Sara'?
Sarah McCaulley: [laughs] I'd love to hear it!
Rand: Oh, no.
Sarah McCaulley: Koy-Koy needs to sing.
Rand: I don't think so.
Sarah McCaulley: Koy-Koy doesn't sing, he doesn't get any Kiki.
Rand: [laughs] I'm not gonna sing.
Sarah McCaulley: Sing!
Rand: [singing] ... Sarah, Sarah, whatever made you change your mind?
Sarah McCaulley, Rand: [Both singing] Sarah, Sarah, so easy to look at, so hard to define.

Movie: Dopamine