Da Vinci's Inquest Quotes

Philip Simms: [about a deceased man on his apartment front doorstep] Could you please just get rid of him.
Dominic Da Vinci: What's your name?
Philip Simms: [defiantly] Philip Simms. And you?
Dominic Da Vinci: [testily] What's my name?
Philip Simms: That's right.
Dominic Da Vinci: Da Vinci. Dominic.
Philip Simms: [as Da Vinci starts to write] Two M's.
Dominic Da Vinci: Well, Mr. Simms with two M's, that's a deceased man that's in your doorstep there, and he's going to remain there until I decide or not. But you, sir, will remain an asshole forever.

Movie: Da Vinci's Inquest
[Wendell Quinn mailed a severed finger and left a threatening message on the answering machine of Farris Dunlap]
Det. Rose Williams: In our minds and maybe in the minds of the Crown, leaving a threatening message and a body part, that's a death threat.
Wendell Quinn: 'Leave room for God's wrath, for it is written it is mine to avenge and I will repay.'
Det. Leo Shannon: Is that you talking or the Bible?
Wendell Quinn: That's God talking, Mister.

Movie: Da Vinci's Inquest

Dominic Da Vinci: I'll tell ya that, for free.

TV Show: Da Vinci's Inquest

Dominic Da Vinci: Not even if Hell freezes over and they play The Stanley Cup down there.

TV Show: Da Vinci's Inquest