Dempsey and Makepeace Quotes

Chief Supt. Gordon Spikings: [taking CB from Chas] Goldfish Niner, this is Big Daddy speaking. Your notes don't make sense.
Lt. James Dempsey: [on walky talky] They do to me, Big Daddy.
Chief Supt. Gordon Spikings: Prey, who is Ostrich One?
Lt. James Dempsey: Nobody yet, it's a codename. I think it's the guy behind the nine heists. I haven't got a positive ID on him yet. But we're looking for a diamond group with large overseas connections.
Chief Supt. Gordon Spikings: Speak plain English, Goldfish.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Dempsey: [Dempsey has broken into Makepeace's bedroom at night] You were dreaming about me, right?
Makepeace: I have nightmares about you when I'm awake, why would I need to dream about you when I'm asleep
Dempsey: You mind if I help myself to a beer?
Makepeace: Why should I mind? You've broken in here so many times now I might as well just give you a set of keys.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: [Dempsey has found evidence on paper, gives it to Makepeace] Dempsey you're... [catches herself]
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: ... quite clever. [he snatches the paper back]
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Ok, a genius.
Lt. James Dempsey: I know.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Winton Direct marketing services. Where I followed Lindsay's chum.
Lt. James Dempsey: [browsing files] Lindsay?
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Yes, Dempsey. Lindsay's chum, Prince Charming. Whom I went after while you were amusing yourself with Cinderella.
Lt. James Dempsey: Cinderella? Oh, the fox!

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Present. [hands Dempsey a book]
Lt. James Dempsey: Oh, you shouldn't have.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: You're going to do some, eh, quick cramming on the antique business.
Lt. James Dempsey: Harry, I wouldn't know a chippendale from a chipmunk.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Lt. James Dempsey: [Rickie skates up to Dempsey and Makepeace in the park] Nice movin', Rickie.
Rickie Rude: Yeah man, I got greased lightning on my wheels.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Why don't you put some on your tongue, Mr. Grant.
Rickie Rude: Rude.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: What?
Rickie Rude: Rickie Rude, changed my name by depot.
Lt. James Dempsey: Cute.
Rickie Rude: I know, the girls love it.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Not this one.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Lt. James Dempsey: I guess you're just gonna have to go down there and charm the pants of the guy. Then I can sweaten his gastank.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Hm, thanks a bunch.
Lt. James Dempsey: Come on, Makepeace. You can ooze sex for thirty seconds, can't ya?

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Lt. James Dempsey: Makepeace, popcorn.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Popcorn?
Lt. James Dempsey: Yeah, popcorn, that's the password. Whoever says it first, that's it, we split.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: Popcorn. Right, got it.
Lt. James Dempsey: Okay, let's keep it under 30 minutes.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Lt. James Dempsey: [driving a car] Makepeace, get your head down.
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: [in the back seat with a wounded Spikings] I'm on the floor again, I don't believe it!
Lt. James Dempsey: Don't fight it, it's where you belong.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
Mara Giardino: How do you know Lupino?
Makepeace: Oh, it's a game we have in England.
Mara Giardino: What game?
Makepeace: Cops and robbers. We've played together before.
Mara Giardino: Don't get smart.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace
White Kid: Who the hell are you?
Lt. James Dempsey: The Lone Ranger. [holds up his jacket to show his holster]
Det. Sgt. Harry Makepeace: [the two small time crooks drive off in their buggy] Bye!
Lt. James Dempsey: Nice work, Tonto.

Movie: Dempsey and Makepeace