Behind the Bike Sheds Quotes

Adam: Welcome! [blows Willie's whistle]
Adam: Welcome to the last episode of Behind the Bike Sheds. The show brought to you exclusively from in front of the bike sheds.

Movie: Behind the Bike Sheds
Chas: Oi, what has got four legs and flies?
AWOL: A dead pig, me old son. A Mega-pig.
Headmistress: [cut to Megapig biting the head off a jellybaby] That's not even funny.

Movie: Behind the Bike Sheds
Headmistress: [using the intercom to adress her students] Stop that, whatever it is. and listen. Due to staffing problems, there will be five hours of silent reading today. As no teachers are available, one has been forced, reluctantly, to arm the school secretary. [sing-song voice]
Headmistress: Tread softly, little ones, she has her orders. [laughs maniacally as she sound of a machine gun rings from outside]

Movie: Behind the Bike Sheds