Mother and Son Quotes

Arthur Beare: What's so special about this broach?
Lorna: It was mum's. And she promised it to me before she died.
Maggie Beare: She promised it to me.
Lorna: She didn't even like you much.
Lorna: She always told me how pretty I was. She never said that to you.
Maggie Beare: Yes, she did.
Lorna: No, Margaret. Not with those bucked teeth of yours.
Maggie Beare: I haven't got bucked teeth.
Lorna: Yes, we paid a fortune to get them straightened.
Maggie Beare: At least it was better than those goggle-eyed glasses and squinty little eyes.
Lorna: My eyes are beautiful. [to Arthur]
Lorna: Aren't they?
Maggie Beare: [to Arthur] Mine are nicer.
Lorna: [to Arthur] What do you think?
Maggie Beare: You be the judge.
Arthur Beare: Oh, gosh, it's so hard to choose.

Movie: Mother and Son
Arthur Beare: [Maggie expecting a surprise visitor] Mum, it's not the royal family.
Maggie Beare: I know that. They couldn't all come.

Movie: Mother and Son
Hospital Worker: No, you're looking for casualty. Now, it's just up there, near the front. And you can't miss it, because there's a big sign.
Maggie Beare: What does it say?
Hospital Worker: Casualty.
Maggie Beare: Casualty. I'll err, just right that down. Now, um, casualty. [points to her envelope]
Maggie Beare: Look, I've already got it, here. [reads]
Maggie Beare: "Confidential".
Hospital Worker: Good.

Movie: Mother and Son
Liz Beare: Mum, we think you might have poisoned Uncle Tom.
Maggie Beare: I killed him?
Arthur Beare: You didn't mean to.
Maggie Beare: I might have. I didn't like him much.

Movie: Mother and Son
Maggie Beare: I'll have you know that I'm a very highly respected and valued customer of this bank.
Bank Manager: Well, yes you are. But you haven't got an account here.
Maggie Beare: Oh, yes I have.
Bank Manager: No, you used to. You had a joint account with your husband, but you closed it.
Maggie Beare: Yes, well I had to. He passed away. They don't let you have a bank account with someone when they're dead. You should know that, surely?

Movie: Mother and Son
[last lines]
Arthur Beare: By the way, who did they get to look after the kids?
Maggie Beare: Umm... Come on. We'll be late.
Arthur Beare: Mum?
Maggie Beare: They're looking forward to seeing their Uncle Arthur.

Movie: Mother and Son